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Darts 101

Standard "01" Dart Games

The most common dart games played are the called the "01 Games". The many versions of this game are Darts 301,501,701, 901, 1101, and 1501. Darts 301 and darts 501 are the most popular dart games and like the other versions can be played with either individual players or teams. 

The Objective

In this example,we will use individuals playing Darts 501. Each player will start with 501 points. The objective of the game is to be the first player to reduce their points to zero. Each player will take turns and on their turn will throw all three of their darts. The total number of points where the darts landed will be subtracted from their starting score until reaching zero.

Equipment & Set Up

Equipment needed to play darts is a dartboard and a set of 3 darts per player. Or if you want to be like the pros, you can carry a case of different weighted darts and brands,but more on that later.
Beginner's tip: Purchase a Dartboard Backboard. They're relatively in expense and worth looking into. A dartboard backboard is made up of a thick material usually a type of durable wood. Its placed behind your dartboard and protects your walls from getting punctured in case any steel-tipped darts dont make it on the dartboard,which is not uncommon even for experienced players.
Viper is a popular brand and a best seller when it comes to Darts and Dart Equipment. Check out  Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center .
Placement of Dartboard
  • The Dartboard height should be 5 ft 8 inches from floor to the center of the bull's-eye
  • The distance from the front of the dartboard to the  throwing line should be 7 ft 9/14 inches. You can use a piece of red tape to mark the throw line.

Check out the diagram below for reference. 

Dartboard Placement