FREE SHIPPING & No Taxes - For most states


Please read below carefully, as the following explains in detail how to receive your item(s) by freight.

Top Table Sports products ship most, if not all game tables via ground freight and fully insured. There is also a thorough and extensive inspection performed before the product leaves the direct suppliers warehouse. If a product(s) arrives damaged and damages are noted accordingly,(SEE BELOW) we are able to quickly resolve any issues and begin to send replacement parts to you quickly. If you do not report damage to your products according to the proper protocol you waive  your liability to file shipping insurance and Top Table Sports will not be responsible for damages or filing concealed damage.

Receiving Instructions

We advise you or an adult to be there to receive your order,in case there is damage. If you have the items dropped off without someone there to inspect the packages,and they are damaged,the freight company can not be held accountable.

All orders from Top Table Sports which require shipping are subject to the following shipping guidelines. Please read this carefully. 

Count All Your Boxes

  • Count and make sure you have all the pieces from your order.
    Check the B.O.L- Bill of Lading- it will note how many boxes you are to receive. 
  • Report any missing boxes to the driver and make a note on the Bill of Lading(B.O.L) Also make sure you get it in writing and/or a copy for you records

Inspect Your Boxes

  • Inspect all the boxes for anything that looks like damage. 
    If you receive a punctured or smashed box, open it and make sure that there is no damage.

In the Event of Damage

  • Report it to the driver and note the damage on the Bill of Lading(B.O.L).
  • If you do not note the damage on the Bill of Lading(B.O.L) ,you are confirming that you've received the goods in perfect condition and you release the shipping company of any liability on the shipment.
  • If you sign the B.O.L without noting the damage you cannot claim damage afterward. 
  • Do not accept the damaged box(es), send it back with the driver. Please keep the boxes which are in good condition.

Top Table Sports is not responsible for shipping damage discovered after signing the bill of lading. Manufacturers defect is not the same as concealed damage.

After documenting the damaged items on the B.O.L,note the damage to the driver and make sure you have it in writing on the bill of lading and delivery paperwork.

Send an email to along with photos of the damage and we will make sure your replacement pieces get arranged to be shipped out quickly. You can always call us at 1-800-231-8137. If someone is not available please leave a message with a return phone # and we will call you back right away.